Conflict Mediation and Co-Parenting Plans

No matter the source of your conflict or interpersonal ‘drama’, conflict, mediation can help. Mediation is the art of peaceful resolution – allowing each party in the conflict to hear the deeper meaning of what is being stated. We encourage our clients to keep an open mind – and we allow everyone to come to a peaceful and permanent solution, not a decision that is “forced” on them by a third-party and not an agreement needing change a year from now.

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Conflict Mediation Services and Co-Parenting Plans

Family Law Mediation and co-parenting plans is a newer service offered. Mediation is the art of peaceful resolution. Parties may develop a plan which focuses on the child’s needs through a written plan that both parents may utilize for years to come. Each person will have an opportunity to say what is important without being interrupted or having Statements manipulated.

┬áMediation will help you establish your priorities and get the best look possible at every course of action available to you. Mediation gives you, and the other parties in your conflict, the tools to find a peaceful resolution that benefits all parties. Family law mediation is designed for the most precious asset in your life: Your children. Robby Johnson takes great care to ensure that the needs of the children are always foremost in everyones’ minds.

  • We encourage everyone to consider all options – not making a decision until each course of action is analyzed.
  • Mediators have no decision-making power, so there is no pressure to make a decision that people are not happy with.
Just because a marriage is over, or a partnership is dissolved, doesn’t mean that your child has to spend their life in uncertainty. A co-parenting plan can provide each parent with written responsibilities and requirements, and it can be a source of much-needed consistency for the child. We believe that co-parenting plans can be the source of cooperation and friendship, even if there was tension before – since most people can come together for the well-being of their children.
┬áDuring conflict resolution, your mediator will structure the mediation process to keep the negotiation platforms equal among all parties. You will have an equal time to talk without interruption, and you will be encouraged to listen and present information in a structured environment. Your mediator will not pressure you to make a decision – and they will be impartial and help you work through your own bias.

  • Your mediator will control and structure the process so any decision made will be organized and accepted by all parties.
  • Mediation is a good ‘first step’ to take before going to court – since it is cheaper and allows both parties to come to a less destructive agreement.

Why Choose Us

      • We understand that many disputes are the result of poor communication – and we facilitate communication in a neutral and understanding environment
      • We observe several rules in our mediation sessions: No blaming, No name-calling, and No threats
      • Robby Johnson has past experience that allows him to discern the best resolution for any conflict
      • We develop the practice of forgiveness, so your conflict doesn’t have to take over your life

What People Say

Conflict can and should be handled constructively; when it is, relationships benefit. Conflict avoidance is not the hallmark of a good relationship. On the contrary, it is a symptom of serious problems and of poor communication.
Harriet Braiker, University of California