Divorce Recovery and Healing

New Divorce Recovery Group is starting January 12th, 2015. Contact Rob at 208-305-4330, robbyjma@gmail.com or Treasure Wellness at 208-515-7661 for scheduling and group details. Intake paperwork prior to group attendance is necessary. The group is open however is not a drop in and prior screening is required before group participation begins. Fee is based upon all major insurance carriers and co-pay plans. Some Scholarship applications are available for those without mental health insurance plans and who also have a low income. This group runs continuously every Monday evening at 7:00 and ends by 9:00. The group location is 1655 W Fairview Ave ste.115 Boise, ID 83702.

A divorce can be traumatic, for the separating couple and for any children that are caught in the cross-fire. However, just because you are going through a divorce doesn’t mean that your mental health has to suffer. Body, Mind and Soul can support your post-divorce recovery with compassionate therapy and counseling that puts your needs first.

There is life after divorce – and divorce is far from the end of the world. We help you recover and heal from your divorce, and we help you put the other pieces of your life back in order.
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Helping you ‘Bounce Back’ from a Divorce

Robby Johnson is a listening ear for your post-divorce issues, and he can help you put your life in order and start healing after a major life event.

 Divorce is a stressful event, and a life-changing one at that, but emotionally preparing yourself for divorce can smooth your transition by ensuring that you are prepared to cope with the unique challenges that it entails.

Are you fighting for your marriage? Robby Johnson is an experienced couples counselor for couples or for individuals in pre-divorce situations as well.

  • A counselor can help you go through the divorce without allowing it to damage other aspects of your life
  • Pre-divorce counseling can help with parenting issues, and it can help parents stay civil and continue communicating throughout the divorce.
No matter the reason for a divorce, it is imperative that you deal with the emotional issues that It brings. Divorce can trigger emotions like grief and stress – and it can feel overwhelming, especially if you were caught off guard. A therapist can help you process your emotions after a divorce, and can help you start healing.

  • A divorce counselor can walk you through the stages of grief and can teach you the coping skills that you will need to live on your own again.
  • Therapy gives you a chance to receive support and counseling, and it prevents future relationship problems by examining your emotional needs and experiences.
¬†If children are involved, therapy and counseling is even more important. Mind, Body and Soul can help keep the divorce civil, encouraging continued high parental activity in the child’s life after the divorce is over.

A divorce counselor is necessary to managing a non-destructive and cooperative divorce.

  • Create a post-divorce co-parenting plan to structure the way that both parents will be involved in their child’s life
  • Prepare your child emotionally for the divorce, and help them walk through their feelings and heal

Why Choose Us

  • Robby Johnson is one of the foremost divorce counselors in the area – experienced with pre-divorce couples and post-divorce individual counseling.
  • Mind, Body and Soul is a neutral space to meet without unnecessary conflict or tension
  • Robby is a certified Play Therapy supervisor who can coach children before and after a divorce and can help them process their emotions.
  • We are frequently recommended by attorneys for therapy during and after divorce

What People Say

A skillful counselor can help to keep the discussion off guilt and blaming, and help a couple reach a conclusion that the marriage is over… guiding the couple to framing the divorce in a way that both accept responsibility rather than trying to frame the divorce as the fault of the other.
Sam Margulies, Psychology Today