Counseling and Play Therapy for Children

Body, Mind and Soul offers mental health counseling and specializes in Play Therapy. Working mainly with adolescents, Body, Mind & Soul also works with children generally age five and older. Sandplay is a major technique used in therapy however Existential, Cognitive Behavioral, Resource Development, Strengths building, Trauma Focus and various other methods are incorporated also. While spirituality may be added in upon request, mental health services focus on leading theory and techniques of psychology from experts in the field.

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Body, Mind and Soul for Adolescents and Children

Robby Johnson has many years of experience working with children of all ages. Body, Mind and Soul specializes in research-based techniques for therapy and counseling that will help children and adolescents with development and learning.

 Play therapy encourages exploration of feelings and self expression without pressure or stress.  Play therapy is designed to allow the development of emotions through a natural process that offers the opportunity to know onesself and heal in a safe and effective way.

Play therapy is encouraged by several organizations in the United States – and Robby Johnson is certified to guide and supervise play therapy for Body, Mind and Soul.

  • Non-directive play therapy is guided by the child – allowing them to work through their problems under the supervision of a trained therapist.
  • Directed play therapy uses gentle guidance from the therapist (Robby Johnson) to focus the play on particular scenarios or situations.
Sandplay was developed in the 1950s by Dora Kalff, a therapist in Switzerland. Sandplay is rooted in the practices of Tibetan Buddhism, but it is applicable in secular therapy as well. Sandplay therapy takes advantage of the fact that children love to play in the sand – and it allows children to draw patterns in sand and express themselves in a safe and healing way. Since the patterns and constructs in the sand are inherently transient, it can be a way to discard negative thoughts and heal after crisis.
 Art therapy is extremely popular for children and adults – and it is supported by the theoretical work and practical experience of decades of professional therapists. Art therapy supports the transference between therapist and client – and it allows the client to express themselves in a symbolic and non-confrontational way.

  • The purpose of art therapy is normally healing – and it can be a helpful way of dealing with major life events and stresses.
  • Studies have shown the effectiveness of art therapy in increasing communication skills among children with developmental disabilities.

Why Choose Us

      • Robby Johnson is registered as a Play Therapist and Play Supervisor
      • Robby is certified in Sandplay – and he is one of the only therapists in Boise that regularly uses Sandplay in a clinical environment
      • Children respond well to Robby’s demeanor, humor and unyielding patience
      • Robby participates in a monthly Play Therapy Consultation Group to stay up to date with new methods and ideas
      • We offer your children a safe environment where they can learn and develop

What People Say

In play therapy experiences, the child is given an opportunity to learn about himself in relation to the therapist… he learns to accept and respect not only himself, but others as well, and he learns to use freedom with a sense of responsibility
Virginia M. Axline, Play Therapy (2012)
Play therapy had… a large positive effect on treatment outcomes with children. Positive play therapy effects were found to be greatest when there was parental involvement and an optimal number of sessions provided.
Dee Ray, International Journal of Play Therapy