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With years of experience, Body, Mind and Soul is The Treasure Valley’s Located in Boise and serving all Idaho most trusted Wellness Company – utilizing physical, mental, and spiritual health methods.

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Whole Body Wellness utilizing Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health Methods in Treatment

Started by Robby Johnson, Body, Mind and Soul offers a variety of mental and spiritual health services.  With experience in all facets of counseling and therapy; Body, Mind and Soul is the Treasure Valley’s Choice for Comprehensive Health.

Do you or your family need counseling services, mediation, or therapy? Are you tired of only treating the symptoms rather than underlying problems or issues? Body, Mind and Soul is dedicated to resolving long-standing physical, mental, and spiritual issues with professional therapeutic solutions for adults and children.
No matter your experience with therapy and counseling, you will find Body, Mind and Soul to offer a compassionate and “safe” place for you to grow and heal. Robby Johnson has experience in a broad array of therapies and counseling methods, and he can help guide your conflicts towards a peaceful and lasting resolution. Contact us today for a consultation, and start living a better life today.
Our Company Mission
'Body' Wellness
'Mind' Wellness
'Soul' Wellness

Robby Johnson – Experienced and Approachable

  • Education includes Western Seminary, Northwest University, and Trinity College
  • Skilled in Sandplay, EMDR, TFT, DBT, Art Therapy, and CISD
  • Registered Play Therapist and Certified in Sandplay
  • Licensed to practice in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon
  • Member of the Idaho and American Counseling Associations
  • Three years of experience with a start up clinic, and additional clinical experience


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